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01 January 2020 @ 12:00 am

Hello everybody :D! I am making this because there are a lot of people who add me without telling me why or  saying "hello"!~ I accepted some of them since they answered me back when I messaged them...but some did not D: Since I wanna get to know all my friends please kindly introduce yourself here and tell my why you want to add me!
 Please do answer my question :)! It would be great!~ Thankyu!!!~*bows*
- What´s your name?~
- How old are you?
- Where are you from?
- Why do you want to add me ? 
- Who is your SJ bias?
-What are your hobbies?
- How did you find me?
- Something else you wanna tell me!
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Title: My Mrs. Cho
Pairing: Kid!Kyumin
Genre: Fluff, drabble
Raiting: G
Beta: sexypanda001 and lollysheep
Disclaimer: I own nothing but this story u.u...
Summary: 10 years are a long period of time
A/N: This actually is a drabble version of my original one-shot  Be My Mrs.Cho. But it´s written totally different and has another kind of ending :3 Hope you will like it :D

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The pictures were taken by my two friends Monika and Yumi, my sister (anchovyxfishy / a.k.a Hyukkielove) and me :D
Do not claim them as yours :3
Hope you like the pics xD


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08 April 2012 @ 09:22 pm

When the concert hall got dark all the ELFs started to scream and then the intro VCR started….gosh that VCR of them was so damn sexy and I was screaming my lungs out. My eyes already got teary even before SJ came out xD But when they came out I just couldn’t control my tears anymore and started to cry. After being ELF for 3 years it was my very first time to see Suju live and this was really the best day of my life and I would never forget it.

While they were singing the songs, I was jumping, crying, screaming and much more xD The feeling of finally seeing their perfection live was really just overwhelming and is not forgettable.

When SJ was singing superman I got Goosebumps everywhere. This song really is just amazing and hearing it live was just WOW!

And at the introduction part XDD Oh my~ the way how they talked in French was so cute x3!! I sadly didn´t understand anything they said since everything got translated into French Q_Q But Hae was sooo cute XDD He prepared a little letter for us and the way how he pronounced all the words WAS SO CUTE!!The other were so cute too xD<333

Sungmin…. OH.MY.GOD. SERIOUSLY HE LOOKS LIVE EVEN MORE PERFECT AND OMG IT´S JUST NOT DESCRIBABLE!! I ALMOST DIED!! This smile and cute face and those eyes Q__Q I almost died when he started his solo T^T His solo was so so so so awesome ;A; The way how he sang & danced was just perfect !!! My friends and me were screaming so loud when Minnie kind of kissed the dancer in the end XDD But still I was flashed from this awesome and perfect performance of him. FINALLY I GOT TO SEE MINNIE LIVE!!Q__Q How can he say he is not good ;A;? This was really one of the best performances I saw! <3333333

After Minnie´s Solo, Kyuhyun´s solo started… While he was singing I died a second time xD His voice really never fails to impress me again and again. His voice is so perfect  ;A;…..And how he played his harmonica was AWESOME AND TOTALLY LOVE!!! My voice was already hoarse from all the previous screaming xD And when he asked us to sing “Lalala” I was singing it with so many oblique soundings xDDD

Yesung´s solo was also really just awesome QAQ…He sang it with so much passion and his voice…omg it´s so beautiful ...T___T I almost started to cry ….T-T


Wuah hyukkie´s solo was so fun xDD a lot of ELFs and me couldn´t understand what he was saying and just shouted his name out when french ELFs started to scream but it kind of got a bit messy XDD Still it was fun XD But when he started to sing we did the fan chant pretty good J Since we knew them from other SS4s :D


The whole concert was very awesome but there were things that made me a bit sad >.<  lot of songs were left out Q_Q for example “Oops!”, “Walkin”, Shindong´s solo..etc T__T I was really excited for those songs but they weren´t performed T.T….

I actually thought that The grace came to replace F(x)´s parts of Oops but instead they came and sang one of their songs xDDD The performance was really great and they really had awesome voices but I still would have preferred Oops more L~ But well >.<

And bcos it was like almost everyone´s first time on a SJ concert, some projects didn´t really worked bcos of excitement (in my opinion at least o.o not sure how other think about it…)….and some couldn´t even be done T_T

And the fanchants in some songs also weren´t that good bcos the people were mostly screaming.


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21 August 2011 @ 02:33 pm
Title: Be my Mrs. Cho?
Genre: Fluff and Romance <3
Rating: G
Pairing: Kid!Kyumin ---> will grow up
Warning: might be a fail :(
Disclaimer: I only own this story...I WANT KYU AND MIN T-T...
Word counts: 2,602
Summary: Sungmin and Kyuhyun are playing time capsule....what is kyuhyun gonna wish for the future? (sry fail summary >.<)
A/N: I am very sure I am surprising many of my friends XD? Since I said I will never write...don´t get your hopes to high with my fic :O this was written at 3AM XDDDD ENJOYYYY!!<3 Italic written words are Kyuhyun´s thoughts
Click here to reead :DCollapse )

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11 February 2011 @ 04:59 pm
I just answered this 35 questions in  ´s journal XD!this is pretty funny ;D! If you want you can also now answer it :D!maybe we almost have the same answeres!!~ after this we maybe will even know each other much more better XD!!!

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23 December 2010 @ 09:38 pm

I wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
Enjoy this wonderful day with your lovely family x3!!~
Be always happy !!!<:D
and don´t forget that I so love you all!!!SARANGHAEYO!!!!!!~<3333

To some of my beloved Unnies:

 Angelic Unnie([info]13plus2 
) don´t be so depressed anymore!~ and enjoy this day!
Nita honey (
[info]casanova7 ) enjoy your break with your family and get enough rest!Miss you!!
Hannah Unnie (
[info]hannahhuong) enjoy this day and I hope we can soon chat again :D! I miss you so much
Ku Unnie (kunin13 ) enjoy this day and I hope you will succes in re-built your schoolthings
Ngannie- ngan Unnie (kyumin86eunhae ) enjoy your day and the winter break :D!
Colleen Unnie ([info]lazycookies ) enjoy the day and don´t over stress yourself with the fanfic XD!
Gem Unnie (megmil12 ) enjoy the day and keep your awesome writing!
Su Unnie~<3 (minto85 ) enjoy the day and don´t be so depressed anymore! shine again like you would always do :D!!
Anette Unnie ~(addictivemonkey )enjoy this day and let´s chat more and write soon more KyuMin fics 8DD (smuts!!)
Nadie Honey(also know as Minnie´s wifey XD!) (shutup_noway  ) enjoy this day and let´s chat with our 3 part messages again XD!!
Leeanne Unnie (seventhhorizon ) enjoy this day and keep your awesome writing:D!~
Jessie Unnie (simbasheart ) enjoy your day and keep that awesome writing ;D!
Aneth Unnie (obleedinghearto) enjoy your day and I hope we can soon chat again!
Mimi Unnie ([info]sjlover_sj_elf ) enjoy your day and please come on soon again!! Angela and I are missing you so much!!


(sorry for not cutting it since I think it´s not that long x.x....)

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03 November 2010 @ 08:23 pm
so here is part 26-47^^!ENJOY!!!!!~ :)

watch here part 26-47!!!~Collapse )
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03 November 2010 @ 07:44 pm

Annyeong ;)!~
I´m just bored so I upload it CX! enjoy~!!

part 1: Super Junior Intro



watch here part 1- 25^^!Collapse )(watch here part 26-47!!!*-*)
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